ProRunner MK1

Vertical conveyor for a discontnous products flow.

The Pro-Runner MK1 is a very compact vertical conveyor (0,7 m2), with a totally modular configuration designed for discontinous products flow medium - low capacities. The capacity in this case is determined bt the size of the product, the product conveyor used, the distance to cover and the travelling speed. 

The ProRunner MK1 basic standard version is compound of a 3.000 mm column, the vertical traveling carrier and a 725 mm long and 440 / 660 mm wide motorized roller conveyor. Such configuration can achive a capacity of 450 products per hour with products sizes up to 600 x 600 mm (L x W), and weights up to 25 Kg.

Nevertheless, this is just the starting point as all design parameters are configurable:

  • Roller conveyor of 1.325 mm for larger productos or more than one product unit per cycle.
  • Belt conveyor for low grip product surfaces.
  • Capacity up to 650 cph with a standard column and one product unit per cycle.
  • Higher capacities transporting 2 or more product units per cycle.
  • Weights up to 200 Kg per cycle.
  • Gravity or driven In an out feed conveyors.
  • Multiple in and out feed points.
  • Posibillty to classify productos to various levels.
  • Standard column heights enlargable up to 11,4 m. in 250 mm sections.
  • Construction also available in stainless steel.

El ProRunner MK1 guarentees a reliable flow of products between two or more levels. This robust vertical conveyor is an excellent value for money alternative for medium - low capacity applications requiring the maximum flexibility of operation with a minimal ocupied footprint.