AUGI operates under the most demanding certifications and standards to guarantee the quality of our products and services, and thus a guarantee of success for the projects we are commissioned:

Quality ISO 9001 Certification

The company has the Register Certificate Number 2991/ER/09/03 in compliance to the ISO 9001 norm, which indicates that Automatismes Girona SL is carrying out its operations according to an established Total Quality Management System, which involves not only the Quality Department, but also every other departments that compounds the company. Certificates are available for downloading and printing.


Rockwell Automation Solutions Partner certification

Rockwell Automation Official's Systems Intgrator Programme has several levels of certification for the participating companies. The companies with the deepest knowledge, the largest resources, and the highest capacity to develop state of the art industrial automation solutions, are granted the most precious recognition: "Solution Partner".

This distinction certifies the highest grade of corporate compromise, a proficient competency and knowledge of Rockwell Automation technologies, and the solid financial status necessary to succesfully deliver any project.

Nowadays, there are 35 companies globally that have been granted this distinction. In AUGI we are very proud to hold this certification.


UL508A Industrial Control Panel Certification (USA-Canada)

UL Certification allow us to designmanufacture and market industrial control panel for industrial machinery and installations, as well as supply spare parts

All industrial control panels are delivered with their technical documentation as well as the UL label of the product traceability, guaranteeing the surest route to immediate acceptance by inspection authorities in the United States and Canada


Registered Wonderware Systems Integrator

The Wondeware Systems Integrator Programme helps clients to identify local comapnies with experience in developping applications based on Wonderware software, as well as acting as a guarantee of proven technical excellence, professional service and corporate integrity.


EcoVadis with Bronze Medal

Ecovadis qualified with Bronze Medal EcoVadis to AUTOMATISMOS GIRONA S, L.

The EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment Sheet provides detailed information on AUTOMATISMES GIRONA SL (GROUP), as well as on the risks related to the environment, labour practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement of many more companies across 200 procurement categories in 160 countries

EcoVadis is the world's most prestigious provider of corporate sustainability ratings and collaborative intelligence and performance improvement tools for global supply chains.