HighRunner MK7 - Paletitzador modular

The high precission and capacity modular palletizer.

QIMAROX's patented layer formation system, based on the high precision flexible positioning of each product unit, enables creating the most complex layer patterns at high speed. 

For the first time merge together in the same machine the high flexibility of an anthropomorphic robot, with the high capacities and pallets side alignment precision achieved with layer by layer palletizers.   

The operator can modify existing layer patterns and create new ones in just a few minutes with the intuitive and user friendly software installed in the operator's touch panel. The patters are stored in memory and can be retrieved any time, which allows a Zero seconds waiting time in format change overs.     

Also, communications with the case packers can be established to achieve fully automatic format changeovers. Never the palletizing process for multi format production lines has been so simple and flexible.

The key advantages of the HighRunner MK7 palletizer from QIMAROX are:

  • Completely modular and scalable equipment according to the application needs.
  • Flexible layer formation with high precision product positioning.
  • Allows stacking almost any product format.
  • The standard version operates with any normalized pallet up to 1.200 x 1.200 mm.
  • The stacking plates balance system keeps the flexible spacing between boxes.
  • The layer stacking safety system prevents product collision with the stacking plates. 
  • High stacking precision, +/- 3mm tolerance between layers in the pallet outer sides.
  • All parameters are adjustable from the touch panel without additional programming.
  • On height palletizing occupies minimal floor space (7,5 m2 / machine including fencing).
  • Modularly enlargeable machines according to capacity. Up to 3.500 cph, or 12 sec / layer. 
  • The machine modularity always delivers an excellent ratio price - performance. 

The acquired experience throughout the years is the key to many innovations, patented solutions, and efficient eye-catching designs.