ProRunner MK5

Vertical conveyor for continuos product flow.

El Pro-Runner MK5 is a compact vertical conveyor (1,1 m2 footprint) with a completely modular configuration designed for continuous product flow with medium - high capacity. The capacity is determined by the number of product carriers installed, while the rotation speed is constant.

The patented cam follower system in the elevator allows transporting products steadily and always in horizontal position. When these pass through the in and out feed conveyors are smoothly transferred without risk of crashing or getting stuck.

The most basic and standard version of the ProRunner MK5 is compound of a vertical column of 3.000 mm, two gravity skate wheels track conveyors for in and out feed the products, one platform for capacities up to 200 cph with weights up to 20 Kg and a product size up to 600 x 600 (L x A).

But this is only the starting point as all parameters are configurable:

  • Capacity up to 2.400 cph (transporting 1 product per carrier).
  • Higher capacities when transporting more than 1 product per platform.
  • Front or side, gravity or driven, in and out feed conveyors.
  • Multiple products in and out feed points using front or side retractable conveyors.
  • Automated sorting systems for applications with multi-format products.
  • Enlargeable column heights up to 25 m in sections of 250 mm.
  • Product weight up to 50 Kg.

Additionally, the ProRunner MK5 range includes other versions according to the product requirements and / or installation site:

The ProRunner MK5-INOX is designed for industries were stainless steel is part of the applicable industry norms requirement. All parts are exterior and are constructed in stainless steel, while the column inner parts remain galvanized or zinc plated like the standard version. (*)

The ProRunner MK5-HYGENIC is a fully constructed in stainless steel both the outer and inner parts, and it is designed for industries with the most strict norms, or when the equipment needs to be washed down regularly. (*)

(*) Both stainless steel versions have the same size, features and configuration flexibility as the standard MK5 version.

The ProRunner MK5-XL is based on the standard model, but it has a wider column and larger product carriers to be enable transportation of products up to 900 x 900 (L x A). Even though, it still has a very reduced footprint (1,5 m2).