Prodution lines and machinery relocation

Planning, installation activities coordination, and project management for machinery and/or production line relocation.

AUGI offers reloaction services of existing machinery or production lines, both nationwide and internationally. These services range from a participation in a project in conjunction with other usual collaborators of the client ; to a clogal service with turnkey delivery of the machine or production line, completely installed and placed into production at final destination.    

In the project initial phase it is evaluated on site with the client the extension of the works to be carried out in each location, and the services and infrastructures that need to forseen.   

After that an execution planned is presented, advising on the best options available to optimize the project costs, using the human resources and exisiting services in each location, relocation logistics, etc...

In the case of turnkey projects, the execution phase includes planning, project management and cocordiantion of outsourced services necessary, assembly and installation, and start up.