Transport and storage of raw materials and finished products

Automated conveyor control system to transfer raw materials and products to within the plant sections.

To automate the transfer of raw materials and products from stage to stage of the transformation process, and storing silos, AUGI designs the conveyor control system with the following specifications:

  • Conveyor route selection depending on origin, destination, raw material / product and/or incompatibilities.
  • Sequential start up of conveyor motors respecting the corresponding interlocks.
  • Automatic sequetcial conveyor stopping, taking into account the cleaning times for each equipment.
  • Selection of several product destination and automatic changeover in case of full silo or manual selection.
  • Automatic conveyor cleaning process when changing products, batch or destination.
  • Blocking of equipment in use to avoid undesired mixings.
  • Automatic conveyor routing system according to the destination silo and product priority.