Web guiding

Web guiding solutions.

Implementation of all types of web guiding solutions:

Compact Format. The same unit contains the detection and the guiding. It is only valid for applications with very narrow materials.

Pivoting Frame. Two rollers mounted on a square pivoting frame. Detection is carried out outside the frame. It is the most efficient option, although it is also the one taking more space.

Cantilever Roller. One sole roller mounted on guiding that move it and tilt it sideways. It is a very compact solution but with little guiding capacity.

Unwinder - Rewinder Displacement. The entire unwinder (or rewinder) frame is mounted on lineal guidings, and the guiding actuator moves it sideways to do the guiding. In the unwinder case, the sensor is mounted in the machine frame; and in the rewinder case the sensor is mounted directly in the rewinder frame.