Applications IoT


Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that could be defined as the connection of objects with human beings through the Internet, so recently it has become one of the pilars of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.


The applications of this techonology are multpile since they are adjustable to any technology that is able to provide relevant information about its own operation, on the exercise of an activity or even on the needs thtat need to be monitored.


Nowadays, companies from diferent sectors adopt this technology to simplify, improve, automate and control different processes.


Based on this existing need in the industry, customers are accompanied in their digital transformation processes. AUGI, as a Rockwell System Integrator, develops applications IoT using the Thingworx framework.


ThingWorx is autodefinded as a complet platform especifically designed to elaborate appications IoT.  It offers tools and technologies that allow companies to quickly develop and deploy applications adaptable to their needs.


From AUGI the main projects of applications IoT that are developed are:

1) Improved energy efficiency.

2) Maintenance of assets: correction, prevention and prediction.

3) Monitoring of the performance of the production process.

4) Recollection of data on temperatures, powers or any sensor.

5) Efficient inventory management.

6) Control and provision of information of various transport systems (vehicles, infraestructures, drivers).