Specific equipment automation

Automation of specific equipment used in the subprcesses that compound the manufacturing.

Control systems to automate the specific equipment of each subprocess that compound the manufacturing, integrating these in the production control SCADA, and with the plant DCS (Decentralized Control System).

Includes the automatic regfulation of preset parameters, process alarms system, man/aut operations, processes data acquisition, and register of activity, etc... according to current legislation. The equipment includes:

Synthesizer: Component dosing and mixing systems to obtain a particular product according to a predefined process recipe.

Separators: Equipment to extract the dissolution medium out of a mixing with centrifugal force.

Dryers: Equipment to dry a product after the spin-drying process.

Liofilitzadors: Equipment to extract the water from a product by sublimation (desiccation of a product by air vacuuming it at extremely low temperatures).

Packaging: machinery to package products into the commercial format such as: blister machines, cartoners, case packers, and others.