Water treatment plants

Process monitor and control systems for water treatment, purifying, screening,potabilization and/or generation plants.

AUGI designs and installs automated monitoring and control systems for diverse types of water treatment and transformation plants. The geographically spread control installations are articulated with remote telecontrol and management systems:

  • Screening plants.
  • Purifying plants.
  • Residual waters treatment plants.
  • Processing and generation plants

According to each process requirements the most common measuring and control equippment is incorporated

  • Products and additives dosage.
  • Measuring of: pH, redox potencial, cloride, oxigen, conductivity, turbidity, etc.
  • Level control.
  • Regulation of fFlow, pressure, pH, residual cloride, and oxigenation parametres.
  • Pumping control.
  • Magement of grid tariffs.
  • Registry and supervising systems.