Vertical conveyors & paletizers

AUGI as a "System Partner" of QIMAROX provides high tech end of line solutions, offering a wide range of machinery to solve any produt handling.

Since its origins QIAMROX has concentrated in the development and production of vertical conveyors and palletizers. The objective was to develop completely modular equipment with a smooth, reliable and precise operation, while offering maximum configuration flexibility to solve any situation.

The ProRunner series vertical conveyors are recognized for their ease of integration, robustness, high reliability, low maintenance costs and long life span. Many engineering companies, systems integrators and OEMs have already implemented them in their projects, as it complies with all health and safety regulations to operate in the most strict industries.

The ProRunner series has 2 models dedicated to transporting products: The MK5 for continuous flow and high capacities, and the MK1 for discontinuous flow and/or lower capacities.

Recently, the ProRunner series has incorporated the new MK9. It is based in the same discontinuous flow principle of the MK1, but in this case it is for vertical transport of loaded pallets, with or without wrapping.

In the field of palletizing, QIAMROX has developed the HighRunner MK7, a completely modular palletizer that enables to configurate standard solutions adaptable to all needs. From the most basic configurations for medium capacity production lines, to the most complex solutions for very high capacities. Always keeping the maximum flexibility and high precision in the configuration of the layer patterns to be stacked. This is a common feature in all machines thanks to the exclusive and patented row and layer formation system, capable of solving the needs of the most demanding production lines.