Quality control

Production verification and quality control systems.

Test benches

Automated test benches for verification and essay of assembled products.

Augi designs and assembles automated systems to verify and test the specifications and performance of manufactured products. These are adapted to each particular production process, enabling product testing and validation within the production line or previous to the storage area.

The main features of these bench tests are:

  • Test automation by implementing the adequate actuators and sensors.
  • Use of precise sensors with traceable periodical calibration.
  • Product adaptation to the bench with fast connexion systems.
  • Communication with specific instrumentation and control electronics.
  • Test parametrization according to the model to be tested (BCR, RFID, SVA).
  • Data registry and complete report for each test stored in the Server DB.
  • Link with MRP (Material Requirements Planning) Systems for data exchange.

Below some test benches designed for several manufacturing industries:

Hydraulic Pumps Test Bench, testing its drive and pumping capabilities, the test are integrated in the manufacturing process and exchange the data generated with the client's MRP system, generating reports for the tested features, calibrations and test curve. In the drive part, energy consumption, protections, isolation, hearthig, etc.

Motors' Test Bench for manufacturers, testing AC and DC motors and permanent magnets. Test of speed, torque, operation with and without encoder, wound control, consumption, temperature, etc... It generates a registry and a final test report with the specifications sheet.

Pressure Filters Test Bench. Automated sequence of pressure tests according to the preset profile, leak detection and units validation. 

Other designed test benches for differnt part of assembling processes include electrical continuity, insulation tests, torque value, caracteristics inspection, etc.

Inspecting systems

On-line / Off-line product inspection systems.

Inspection systems integrated in the set of control equippment that enable validation of manufactured products. To perform the tasks, the adequate sensor for each application is used, from simple photocells, to the most complex applications with vison sensors and software.

The inspection systems are integarted in the existing client' s process control, adding the detection equippment in the control arquitecture (PLC and field busses), and modifying the existing software programme to adapt the functional decisions according to the sensed infrmation.

Process data aquisition and registry

Data aquisition analysis and registry generation for continous produtive processes.

Design and implementation of data aquisition and analysis systems for continous processes with statistical parameters that allow detection of deviation values that may affect the product quality, and thus providing the information to undertake the preventive actions necessary.