Project references

During the last 20 years AUGI has aquired a vast experience providing process control solutions in the food industry, during which a highly qualified technical team has been achieved, a full customer satisfaction awarded with their fidelity. Some successful stories are:

The mexican group PROAN (Proteina Animal)

AUGI has forged a strong partnership with PROAN group. PROAN possesses the biggest compound feed factory with the largest production in the entire latin America. It was necessary to find a collaborator able to undertake the installation, automate it, and develop a robust and reliable system to perform their Productive Porcess Integral Control (CIPP) .

The factory produces between 3.500 and 4.000 Tn/daily of finished product, thus the control level, its precission and reliability are a must. Any devaition, production stop or incidence results in large business losses.

The CIPP System controls from the management of raw materials and its logistics, its way through out the entire manufactiuring processes, and up to the management and logístics of finished product. Nothing is left to chance, so a total online computerized traceability in real time can be achieved.

At a later stage, the CIPP was extended to include the an automated convoy cargo unloading and management of raw material stocks at the railport, and up to its entry in the plant stock. The railport has capacity for 60 cereal loaded wagon convoys per day.

All the automation process is linked to the business administration ERP system. And thus the advantatges of the current  implanted SAP (ERP) are extended to the entire plant process.


Other factories where CIPP projects have been accomplished successfully:

- Agropienso (Spain)

- Dos Pinos (Costa Rica)

- MELO (Panamà)

- NUTREX (Spain).