ProRunner MK9

Vertical conveyor for loaded pallets.

The ProRunner MK9 is very compact vertical conveyor (3 m2) for pallets, with a totally modular configuration designed for discontinuous flow in medium - high capacities. The capacity in this case is determined by the distance to cover and the travelling speed.

The ProRunner MK9 basic standard version is compound of a 3.000 mm column, the vertical raveling carrier, and the load supporting arms. With this configuration pallets up to 1.200 x 1.200 mm (L x W) with loads up to 1.500 Kg can be transported, at a rate of 60 - 70 pallets / hour. 

Nevertheless, this is just the starting point as all design parameters can be configured: 

  • Suport arms with integrated roller or chain conveyor.
  • Possibility to use all common pallet sizes: 1.200 x 800 / 1.000 / 1.200 mm. (L x A)
  • Possibility of front or side pallet in and out feed.
  • Multiple in and out feed positions for vertical distribution.
  • Standard column height enlargeable up to 10 m. in sections of 250 mm.

The key advantages of the ProRunner MK9 are:

  • Ease of installation. Does not require structural supports, it stands up on its own.
  • The belt transmission is maintenance free (no tensioning or lubrication required).
  • Smooth and silent operation.
  • The main motor in the rear lower part facilitates its maintenance.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Main SEW motor with build in encoder for maximum precision.
  • Integrable with on height palletizing HighRunner MK9 and CrossRunner systems (multipoint applications). 

The ProRunner MK9 guarantees a reliable pallet flow between two or more levels. This robust vertical conveyor with and exceptional value for money relation, is an excellent alternative for applications that require the maximum flexibility with the minimum footpint.