Project references

These are some examples of projects carried out by AUGI world wide, where the CIPP platform has been implemented.

AGROPIENSOS, Huesca, Spain - Feedmill plant 1.

PINSOS ARTIGAS, Girona, Spain - Feedmill plant.

AGROPIENSOS, Huesca, Spain - Feedmill plant 2.

PROAN, Jalisco, México - Feedmill plant.

COOP. PRODUCTORES DE LECHE DOS PINOS, Costa Rica - Feedmill plant.

PROAN, Jalisco, México - Railpuert for raw materials.

GRUPO MELO - SARASQUETA & CIA, Panama - Feedmill plant.

NUTREX PINSOS, Girona, España - Feedmill plant.

PROAN, Jalisco, México - Railport enlargement.

STAVROPOLSKIY BROILER, Stavropol, Russia - Feedmill plant.

AVICOLA LOS ALTOS, Jalisco, México - Feedmill plant.

GRANJA AVíCOLA CHICHI, Venezuela - Feedmill plant.

AGROPECUARIA SANTA TERESA, Jalisco, México - Feedmill plant.

AVIGRUPO, Estado de México, México - Plant under construction. Expected commissioning 2nd Half 2013

GRUPO VEROZ, Venezuela - 4 Plants under construction. Expected commissioning 2nd Half 2013