IT applications

Applications to integrate the IT sistemes and the production control systems, optimizing the analysis and management capabilities.

Production & Preventive Maintenace Control System

We have the tools to communicate and obtain the key data from the elements involved in the productive process, so performance ratios, machinery working hours, reasons and stopping times... can be determined.

Presence & Cost Control System

Linked with the previous module o independently, the Presence & Cost Control System that allows assignment, and control of the human resources used per project o production task, the comparison with the targeted budget,...

Stocks Management System

Stock controls up to the processing machine level, thus obtaining the consumption and production data directly from the machine, or from the operators' touch pannels. Accessing the machine controls directly enables the use of highly precise online consumption and prodution counters.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software Integration

Tailor designed interphases to comunicate the corporate ERP with the Production Control System, as well as moduls to complement and solve the existing corporate ERP lackings.

Maintenance & installation of Hardware and Software

Our IT departament also offers, when required, the procurement and/or configuration of Servers, new or existing ones, OS update, assembly and/or adaptation of Domains and communication networks, modernization of equippment, etc..