SCADA & HMI (Human Machine Interphase) Systems

Systems to achieve an interactive dialog between the operator and the machine or process, transfer operational commands and view the results and production situation in real time.

Are the elements conceived to establish the dialogue between the operator and the machine or process.

These equippments allow to:

  • Visualize, in a clear and friendly way, the status of the main working parameters in the process
  • Identify and evidence in an explicit manner the generated alarms
  • Facilitate changes of current working parameters and select other working recipies.
  • Replace the push button switch boxes and conventional manoeuvre pannels.

AUGI can offer you the equipment that suits best your needs, with personalised software according to your fabrication requirements. From the easiest message display terminal, to a PC based totally integrated supervisory control system with data acquisition linked to the factory PLCs network.