HighRunner MK7 - CrossRunner

Multiline palletizing system.

QIMAROX - CrossRunner Series: It is a patented concept evolved directly from the HighRunner MK7 palletizer. It is especially designed to centralize multiple production lines outputs in very limited floor spaces.

It is compound of an in line pallet conveyor system common for all palletizers that performs the functions of automatically in feed empty pallets, extract finished pallets, and create intermediate positions between palletizers to temporarily store empty and full pallets simultaneously.    

The palletizing process takes place without interruption in the upper part, while at floor level there is always a free circulation of empty and full pallets on transit. The system height is totally modular and it is determined always by the height of the tallest pallet format to be stacked.

The CrossRunner has a completely modular configuration that enables the integration of all the machinery and components manufactured by Qimarox:

  • The vertical product conveyors ProRunner MK1 and ProRunner MK5 to elevate products from the casepacker out feed height up to the palletizer in feed height.  
  • The vertical pallet conveyor ProRunner MK9 is used to transport pallets between the HighRunner MK7 palletizer and the CrossRunner pallet roller conveyor.

The CrossRunner system has many advantages, being the key ones as follows:

  • Minimizes occupied footprint at ground level in multipoint centralized palletizing systems.
  • 50% less necessary pallet conveyors thanks to CrossRunner common inline concept.
  • Great flow of people and forklifts around the installation.
  • Safety fencing at ground level can be solved just with light curtains.
  • One automatic pallet dispenser in feeds all palletizers.
  • Possibility to integrate in line stretch wrapping systems.