TRUPAL, SA (GRUPO GLORIA) - Huachipa Plant


Complete paper mill retrofit.

The Andean papermill TRUPAL SA, dediacted to manufacture paper and corrugated paperboard, entrusts BASALAN and AUGI the most important retorfit of their integrated paper mill since operations in this plant began.

The set project objectives were to increase production speed and final reel diameter, while enhancing the overall line efficiency and quality of finished products.

To meet these challenges a throough in depth modifications were necessary including: 

- New pope winder, calender and rewinder.

- Modify the existing pre-calender section 

- New headbox and table

- Install new press rolls

- Enlarge the drying process

- Add speed-sizer 

Taking advantage of the key mechanical modifications the entire existing DC motors and mechanical gear pulleys are replaced with direct drive AC torque motors digitally synchronized and controlled by the latest generation drives with regenerative brakes. Additionally all analgue signals are repalced by digital wherever possible, and new HMI interfaces are installed throughout the machine.

All drives and controls are from Allen Bradley.