Mechnaical and electric retrofit of a VALMET JR 1000 slitter rewinder.

Torras Papel Group relies in AUGI to perform the complete retrofit of a VALMET  JR 1000 slitter rewinder original from 1987, taking advantage of its relocation from Finland to the group's plant in Zaragoza.

The machine works with 80 - 120 gr/m2 gramage papers at 2.300 m/min, converting mother reels of 4.250 mm width and 2.500 mm diameter onto narrower reels of 1.600 mm diameter.

This opportunity is used to replace the old DC current motors and drives with the latest generation AC motors and drives equipped with regenerative breaks to maximeise energy savings.

Additionally, new servomotor automated positioning counterknives and knioves are installed with position measuring by temposonic.

The rewinder cart is also automatic with position measuring with absolut encoder.

The finished reels unloading is secuential and automated.

The drive control system is performed with a Siemens S7 PLC, Sinamics S120 drives and a 15" touch screen HMI.