TORRAS PAPEL - Retrofit Jagenberg Vari Roll Slitter Rewinder


Mechanical and electrical retrofit of a Jagenberg Vari Roll 2200 slitter rewinder

The Torras Papel group is confident in Augi the complete upgrade of a Jagenberg Vari Roll Slitter 2200 for its Leitza factory.

The machine works with gramge papers  between 40-90 gr / m2 at a speed of 1500 mts / min converting mother rolls with a maximum width of 2200 mm and up to 1700 mm in diameter, in narrower  daughter rolls up to 1200 diameter.

The old DC drive is replaced by AC, also the pneumatic brakes of the unwinders are replaced by AC motors with Sinamics S120  regenerative converters and power supply, the tension control is for load cells and diameter calculations.

Additionally, a laser pointer operated by a servomotor is used to help the operator positioned, the operator introduces the measurements on the screen and the pointer moves to each position to indicate the placement of the knife.

The drive control system is through a Siemens S7 PLC, Sinamics S120 converters and a 15 "touch screen for machine interface, it also has a remote access for technical assistance.