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The CIPP plataform will automate 4 new feed mills.

Following the success in the past joint projects, ROSAL commissioned to AUGI the electrical and automation project of 4 new feed mills with the Integral Production Porces Control platform (CIPP).

The 4 new feed mills are identical and are part of the Complejos Integrales Porcino Socialistas (CIPS) currently under construction in Venezuela for PDVSA Agrícola.

Each plant will occupy a 27.000 m² area and will include: 30 vehicles parking space, a administration building, a 60 Tn truck scales, a 30Tn / h grain dryer and 25.000 Tn stockage silos.

The feedmills will have a feed production capacity of 25 Tn/h and have an attached stock area for 500 Tn of Torula and 400 Tn of bagged product.

80% of each mill production capacity will be destined to manufacturing pork feed and the remaining 20% for fish feed, mostly for Tilapia.

This week all the power and control cabinets have been shipped together with the machinery. If civil works proceed within the set project schedule, the commissioning of the mills will start in the second half of 2013.