POLYTYPE CONVERTING - Laquering and laminating machine


Complete drives & control system for a laquering and laminating cado y laminado.

POLYTYPE Converting, the reknown swiss machine builder relys in AUGI to design, construct and commission the complete fully automatic drive system and control for a lacquering and laminating machine lines for converting all types of flexible materials. The end customer is a renoun itlalian firm dedicated to manufacture flexible packaging for the pharmaceutical and helath care sectors.

The drive system and control is constructed integrally with Siemens hardware, using a S7-319-3 PLC with remote I/O modules, and SINAMICS frequency inverters.

Given the limited space at the end customer site, no conventional electrical cabinets were used in this project. Instead the drive system and control hardware was installed in a mobile structure identical to a 20ft logistic container, but in this case, container walls were made of insulation sandwich panels and the interior was climatized.  

Also a technical flooring was installed to cover the cable trays, and the inner walls were used to install the mounting panels were the hardware was installed.  

The final result is that the end customer optimized project costs by avoiding the civil works to build a new power room, and by shortening the necessary electrical installation time.