New Clupak extensible unit.

BASALAN relys in AUGI again to supply the electrical and automation parts of their project to intercalate a new Clupak extensible unit in the paper machine of their customer Nippon Paper Group in Japan.

The Clupak extensible unit is used in paper mills - specially in packaging, sacs, and labels - to control the tension energy absorption, achieve a longitudinal elongation of paper up to a 15%, and to eliminate breaks in the finished product.

The paper elongation is performed by compactation when passing the material between a rubber tapestry, the pressing bar and a drying cylinder heated with steam, independently of the various speeds of the actual extensible unit and the machine sections after that.

BASALAN has performed all mechanical adaptations, as well as the supply and assembly of the new Clupak extensible unit; and AUGI has built and delivered the control and power cabinets, the electrical installation, the software programming and machine start up with the new equippment.