Automation of the 3 new TWIN LINES for El Pozo.

Automation of the new TWIN LINES for production of cooked hams. The concept integrates the processes of tendering, maturing, inlaying, and clipage / thermoforming into a single continous flow and totally automated production line.

This project includes the integral automation of a production facility compound of 3 production lines that have a total production capacity of 270Tn of finished product daily. Production lines 1 and 3 have an output of 72 Tn each, and number 2 has a capacity of 126 Tn.

The control architecture of each lines is formed with 6 CPUs form the Compact Logiz series with Panel Views 1250 for human machine interfase and Devicente and Ethernet network for the communications.  

Additionally, the installation safety and acceess control are monitored with a safety PLC Compact Logix l43S with descentralized signals collection modules frommthe Safety Point I/O series. 

The system has an enbedded data buffer so that in case of communication failure with the supervisory PCs, production can continue in automatic mode without loosing any production or traceability data, and perform the data registry after when the PC are back online. The control system has been totally integrated in the customer ERP system.

This week has started the commissioning and placement into production for line 1