KERN PHARMA - Retrofit FFS stick-packing machine


Single dose stick-packing machine control system and software upgrades.

KERN PHARMA, the pharmaceutical division of INDUKERN Group, dediacted to develop, manufacture and distribute generic medicines commissions AUGI the project to upgrade the control hardware and software of an exiating OYSTER Hassa stick-packing machine FFS (Form - Fill - Seal) type, dediacted to produce single dose sticks.    

The FFS stick-packing machines start from packaging material in reels, already pre-printed, laminated and/or metalized, where by means of unwinders and the FFS heads, the machine forms the sticks, fills these with a set dose, and seals and cuts the stick ends. The pricniple of operation is semi-continuous, with very short stops top permform the seal and cut tasks.    

The main advantatges of these machines are the compact size, the speed and teh ability to produce multiple format sizes. Additioanlly, its mechanical operation makes tehm very robust, reliable and long lifespan.

In this case the proyect included replacing the obsolete Siemens S5 hardware with a S7-300, update the programing, convert analgue signals to digital whenever possible, and equip the machine with a newer HMI interface with a more intuitive and user friendly appearance.