CONVEQ - Slitter Rewinder Roll Slit 1500


New slitter rewinder CONVEQ Roll Slit 1500 for the spanish market.

Important italian group dedicated to manufacture and convert complex and autoadhesive papers, once again relies in AUGI and CONVEQ, and aquires its sixth CONVEQ slitter rewinder destined to its production plant in Spain. In this case, it is a CONVEQ Roll Slit 1500.

The machine is designed specially to convert the materials produced by this customer, accepting up to 1.500 mm width mother reels, which are picked directly from the floor with a shaftless pick up unwinder.

The rewinders are by friction shafts, and allow building reels up to 1 m of diameter. The 21 high precision automated knives enable the production of reels as narrow as 40 mm width, at a working speed of 600 m/min.

The drive and control system designed by AUGI is developped with Rockwell Automation hardware and VASCAT motors. The PLC is a Compact Logix and the frequency converters are the latest Power Flex 755. The machine is equipped with 2 touch panels form where the entire machine can be operated.