CONVEQ - New Synchro Slit for paper


Complete drive and control systems the new CONVEQ Synchro Slit for low grammage papers.

CONVEQ commisions to AUGI the drive and control systems for the new version for low gramage papers of the popular sheeter Synchro Slit, the flagship of the brand in that segment.

The Synchro Slit in this cas has been constructed for german customer that has acquired it with all the optional extras and the highest degrree of automation possible, in order to have the maximum flexibility and efficciency in product format changes while running the machineline with a single operator.  

In order to sheet low gramage paper the synchro rollers were adapted, and 2 more unwinders were added to the usual 2 in the micro cardboard version.

In this version the line can work with a gobal grammage up to 800 gr/m2Ç, and allows several working modes with combinations of the 4 unwinders working simultaneously with grammages betwwen 40 - 200gr/m2 and a linear speed of 150 m/min.