New conches automation.

Barry Callebaut, the belgian multinationa company specialized in the chocolate manufacturing, has relyed in AUGI for the automation project of 3 new conches that have been installed in replacement of 4 old ones of inferior capacity, to increase the overall production capacity of the plant managed by the group in Vic.

The project included the construction of power and control cabinets, the electrical installation on site, software development, and the start up and commissioning of the new conches.

The new control software has been designed by AUGI's Process Department in collaboration with Barry Callebaut's central engineering department in Belgium, to adequate the new software to the technical directives included in the firm's strategic framework that standarizes machinery, processes and protocols in all plants manged by the group arround the world.

The project that due to prodution constrains had a limited execution time allowance, has been delivered within the scheduled agenda.